Blueprint Reading

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This lesson is so much more than a "picture on a page." It contains over 5 hours of clearly explained video material. You will quickly learn the essential, fundamental elements of blueprint reading that you will need to do your job. It contains a zip file so that you can print our your own FULL-SIZE (24" by 36") 34 page set of commercial blueprints from a 3600 square foot build out. This is the perfect sized job where the student will be exposed to a wide variety of situations without getting overwhelmed by highly specialized and seldom used applications. You will learn how to Navigate and Cross-Reference between the pages easily, a very essential part of electrician training. You will get thorough training on the Mechanical pages, the Panel Schedules, and often over-looked pages like the Furniture Floor Plan and the Door and Window Schedules. Knowledge of these things helps you solve problems before they become problems. Installing wiring will become much easier after learning this material. There is also a special section on Red-Line Drawings. We put the plans in your hands. The rest it up to you.